Azealia Banks Debut Album Is Worth The Wait

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I have always loved Azealia Banks, since I heard “212” a few years ago. And, it’s taken since around 2012 to now for her first album to drop. I, like the rest of her fan base, have been waiting for her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste for a while now. Her mixtape Fantasea and EP 1991 held me over, but where was the album? Well, the wait is over and the album will be played on repeat until next year probably. It’s that good.

The 15 track album is full of electropop beats and Azealia’s fast paced lyricism. There are a few familiar favorites like “Luxury”, “212”, “Yung Rapunxel”, and the single “Heavy Metal And Reflective” released earlier this year. The biggest surprise for me was on “Gimme A Chance” when Azealia started rapping in Spanish. I wasn’t expecting that, and it sounded good to my English speaking American ears. I wonder what a native Spanish speaker thinks? The weirdest track on the album is “Nude Beach A Go-Go”, which has a vintage sixties surf pop sound. Perfect song for dancing like a spazz in your house.

The second single from the album, “Chasing Time” released in September, will be having a video coming out soon. The teaser trailer has already been released. You can view it below. Love her or hate her Azealia Banks brought it with this album. It’s worth every cent.

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