Easter Sunday With Jaren


I had a marvelous Easter Sunday yesterday, and I owe most of that to The Walking Dead and hanging out with Jaren. I swear good friends are hard to find and great friends are few and far between, but I’m glad I found a great friend in Chicago. I’m happy we got to spend some time together, since our schedules have been ridiculously hectic this year. But you make time for the people you care about, which is why we were downtown on a cloudy afternoon on State Street.

We decided to meet up at Latinicity, a new restaurant in the Block 37 mall, for brunch to celebrate Jaren’s 29th birthday.   If you haven’t been, I highly recommend that you go. It was $25 for two alcoholic beverages and all you can eat Latin inspired food. And everything is made to order, so there’s no food sitting out that’s been breathed over by a bunch of nasty individuals.

After the food and mimosas, we took a bunch of photos. Jaren is a photographer, so it was fun getting her behind the lens for once. She kept saying, “I’m never the model.” And I was like, “Just act natural, girl.” I wish it hadn’t have started raining, or we’d been out longer. But, the photos we took were pretty interesting and captured the mood just right. Two friends enjoying each others company, while taking advantage of the perfect lighting.






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  1. Walter L. Williams

    Glad you using your camera. Looks good.

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