SWAN Day Chicago 2017


Support Women Artists Now, better known as SWAN Chicago, had their 4th annual art show at The Annex on Chicago Ave. last weekend. This was my third time attending one of these events. I missed last year’s showing, so I had to make it this one. Especially since one of my friends, Caira Conner, was one of the featured artists. This year’s theme was digital art and the artists did not disappoint. The free drinks definitely helped everyone get into the mood and the space was open and inviting. Definitely an upgrade on previous years, where we were all packed into a tiny gallery space barely able to navigate due to the crowd.

Check out all the artists and their work on Instagram! And follow @swandaychicago to stay in the know for next year’s event.








My friend Caira’s designs. Pictured here with her boyfriend Jason. Adorbs.







Monica!!! Close up of her cute print flats.



@dxlynnx was here!! LOL

Tata for now!!

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  1. Just Brittany Moments

    I love the pics! Beautiful art!

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