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Change Can Be Good Sometimes

A New Job, Apartment & Mindset In 2022

Baby, 2022 has been a fantastic year. I’ve hung up my Beauty Editor title (for now) for a Content Writer role on the Product Marketing team at a tech company. And, I moved out of my studio apartment of the last five years into a spacious one-bedroom condo. Yes, I had two major life changes that happened three months apart——a stressful, but necessary move for my overall growth and mental health.

I’m not going to lie, my last job was draining the life out of me literally and figuratively. I learned firsthand that too much stress will start to manifest in the body in the worst ways. I spent a few months seeing doctors for strange neck pain only for me to later realize that it was stress literally tightening up my body to the point of discomfort. The lack of a raise after two years also did it for me. It was time to move on, so I took a chance on a career in tech and it was the best decision I’ve made all year.

I felt like starting anew completely, so I also decided to leave my apartment. With work from home becoming more of the norm since the pandemic, my tiny studio just wasn’t cutting it. Plus, I had the loudest upstairs neighbor who had no concept of others living in the same space as them. So I splurged on a one-bedroom and lucked out on a cool condo owned by a family friend.

Honestly, life has just been pretty great so far, like A+, can’t complain, love this, good. Not gonna lie, when things go too well I automatically wonder when the shoe is going to drop. I’m trying to just live in the moment and accept that life isn’t about give and take. That you can just be happy and that doesn’t mean you’re going to get hit by a bus tomorrow or someone will die to even things out.

Everything’s a work in progress. One thing that hasn’t changed are the fits. I’ve probably gone a bit crazy in the shopping department because of my new salary, but every new start deserves a fire new wardrobe to match.

A photo of a black women wearing a black and white sweater from the fast fashion retailer HM and black boots.

Sweater Dress: HM Rib-Knit Sweater in a large for an oversized fit.
Boots: ASH from Saks Off Fifth

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    Great article about change.


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