The Cutting Room Floor Is The BEST Fashion Podcast

The Cutting Room Floor Really Is “Fashion’s Only Fashion Show”

I wish I’d discovered this podcast sooner. The Cutting Room Floor podcast by Recho Omondi (@omndi) is just the thing for any fashion nerd to sink their teeth into. Recho curates a variety of voices in the fashion industry, from stylists to designers to change makers to critics, giving the listener an inside look into an industry that’s normally very private.

When I was in fashion school, I always felt like it was a shame that most people narrowed the industry down to designers, retailers and models. The idea of working in fashion, and not having one of those careers was foreign growing up in Detroit. I would come home and people would ask me how my design career was going, long after I had switched over to a business major.

I don’t even know how I stumbled into wanting to be a magazine editor, but I just knew that was the career for me at a young age. Honestly, I can recall being in K-Mart and wanting the job of a “buyer” (I didn’t know what it was called then.) so I could stock the store with cooler clothes to choose from because that was one of my Mom’s go-to stores. Though college talked me out of pursuing that one when I learned of all the math involved.😂 I know I’ve always had a mind that thought out of the box when it comes to careers, but not everyone is like that.

That’s one of the main reasons why I love The Cutting Room Floor podcast. I know the main audience is fashion insiders and industry folks, but I can’t help but think of a young fashion-obsessed person who might stumble upon the podcast and discover a career they never knew existed. Accessibility matters and luckily technology helps us easily bridge the gap when it comes to sharing information.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Check out the podcast here and I recommend starting with the very first ever episode “Who Killed The Fashion Critic?” with Julie Zerbo and Emilia Petrarca. You’re in for a treat!

Recho Omondi

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