I’m Kind Of Obsessed With Coach’s Pillow Tabby Bag

I Really, Really Want The One JLO Had In Pink

I’ve been obsessing over Coach’s Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag for months and the new 18″ Shearling edition in the color Fuchsia is just what I need for fall. Not gonna lie, the $500 price tag has me hesitant. It’s so easy to think, “Is Coach even worth that when I can put in a little more for a higher-end designer?” But, does any of that matter when you like an item?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of labels, especially when our society is oh so label-obsessed. One thing I like about Coach is the fact that their goods are high quality at a more approachable price point. I have some lovely pink leather ankle boots I got as a birthday present last year that have held up from my abuse.

Pricing aside, the Pillow Tabby I really want is the original 26″ Pink bag Jennifer Lopez carried in the ads. That’s the bag I saw that got me obsessed with the bags, and of course, that color has been sold out for months. One day I’ll head to The Real Real to find it. That bag is too cute not to have in my baby collection.

Image via Coach’s Facebook Page

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