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  • Why It Took Me 4 Years To Break Into Editorial

    Why It Took Me 4 Years To Break Into Editorial

    Spoiler Alert: It Was My Own Fault I started my editorial career in 2017 at the age of 25, unfortunately. If I was a tad bit more ambitious, less shy and a little less lazy, I’m sure I could have landed a job sooner after I graduated from college in 2013. So what stopped me? […]

  • Change Can Be Good Sometimes

    Change Can Be Good Sometimes

    A New Job, Apartment & Mindset In 2022 Baby, 2022 has been a fantastic year. I’ve hung up my Beauty Editor title (for now) for a Content Writer role on the Product Marketing team at a tech company. And, I moved out of my studio apartment of the last five years into a spacious one-bedroom […]

  • #OOTW: Blue Stripes & Denim

    #OOTW: Blue Stripes & Denim

    You ever felt like you were on the cusp of something new? Something big? Something fun? As we finish up the first half of the year this month, I can’t help but be optimistic for the rest of the 2018. Maybe it’s the slew of vacations I have planned or maybe I’m just manifesting the […]

  • New Job, New Me

    New Job, New Me

    This year has been amazing. Amid all the political drama and racial tensions, I’ve personally been winning lately. Maybe it’s turning 25 at the end of last year, but I’ve finally started making things happen for myself. It’s all been thanks to God. I put in the work and he delivers on his promises. I’ve […]