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  • New Hair Alert: Lion Tail Braids

    New Hair Alert: Lion Tail Braids

    Instagram inspired me to get a new hairstyle! One model calls them lion tail braids but some people will call them jumbo box braids, but no matter their name they’re definite hair goals for 2020!

  • Stay Warm and Go Buy A Long, Oversized Cardigan

    Stay Warm and Go Buy A Long, Oversized Cardigan

    You need an oversized cardi in your life. You really do. What’s a cardi? Well, that’s short for cardigan. The thing you need in you’re closet right now. And, I’m not talking about those short, cutesy cashmere sweaters that your grandmother bought you. I’m talking the extra long, swaying around your legs, maybe fitted or […]

  • Prints, Prints, and More Prints

    Prints, Prints, and More Prints

    I adore vibrant and eye catching prints and patterns. Prints are the perfect touch to cut through all the black I’m always wearing. One of my favorite pieces is a Zara red and gray paisley jacket I bought from Crossroads Trading Company a few years ago. It’s pilled with strings hanging off of it in places, but […]

  • 5 Fashion Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

    I’ve recently been in a sort of “fashion rut”. To be blunt, I had lost all desire and excitement for fashion and style. I still made sure I was dressed impeccably, but my love of fashion magazines was gone, I stopped paying attention to the collections and trends, I just stopped caring. I stopped caring, […]

  • Playing Catch Up: 12/18/15

    Clémentine Desseaux was thought to be Christian Louboutin’s first plus size model in a potentially historic beauty campaign. Turns out it was just the luxury shoe brand reposting her airy video wearing their lipstick. But, it brings up the question why more luxury brands aren’t using plus size models in their campaigns? – Refinery 29 Beth […]

  • Statement Bags: The Outlandish Vs. The Tame

    I am not a bag girl. I can give two f*cks about the latest Rebecca Minkoff “It Bag” or how Louis Vuitton’s leather bags are structured. Yes, these have been actual conversations. My bag savvy (handbag obsessed) friends know enough about the “who’s who” and “what’s what” of high end designer handbags to get me through that part […]